Comfort and discretion every day

Device for urinary diversion, with external catheter

Uropen is a complete set developed with the thought of men having problems with incontinence. The patented structure allows to eliminate the inconveniences related. The appropriately designed anatomical shape and the application of flexible material, neutral to the skin, allows for discretion and comfort in everyday life.


Freedom and discretion at any position and in motion

- Silicon of which UROPEN is made has hypoallergenic properties and reduces the risk of irritation and allergies.
- Direct application onto penis allows for comfort and security of use.
- Comfort and hygiene are ensured by two sets of the catheter and the pants: one for the day, the other for the night.
- Fixing cotton pants guarantee stability of UROPEN device.
- The use of UROPEN set allows for having an active life, as its structure ensures mobility and dynamics while walking, driving, cycling, etc.


UROPEN components:

- UROCEV – two external silicon catheters, one for the day, the other for the night
- Fixing cotton pants
- Bags for urine collection
- Tapes for fixing the bag
- Holder for fixing at night

It is possible to obtain a refund from the National Health Fund on the basis of a prescription for external catheter and bag for urine collection issued by the general practitioner, urologist, surgeon or neurologist.

Skład przyrządu UROPEN:
UROCEV – dwa silikonowe cewniki zewnętrzne, osobny na dzień i na noc
Bawełniane majteczki mocujące
Woreczki do zbiórki moczu
Taśmy mocujące worek
Uchwyt do mocowania w porze nocnej

Możliwość pozyskania refundacji NIZ. Na podstawie recepty cewnik zewnętrzny i worek do zbiórki moczu, wystawionej przez lekarza pierwszego kontaktu, urologa, chirurga lub neurologa.